Comcast doubles speed for Internet Essentials

Comcast doubles speed for Internet Essentials

Comcast doubles speed for Internet EssentialsComcast’s Internet Essentials broadband service’s low-income subscribers will soon speed twice at no extra charge.

The service is presently providing 25Mbps downloads. It’ll automatically get upgraded to 50Mbps beginning from March 1, saidthe company on Tuesday.

The upload speeds will additionally increase from 3Mbps to 5Mbps. At no additional cost, the speed boost price comes Americans are yet generally depending on the internet to get class and work remotely.

The Internet Essentials plan is available to qualifying low-income households costing $9.95 per month.People already getting federal benefits through programs including Medicaid, SNAP or WIC, will be eligible.

It’s the second time this year when the speed of Comcast’s low-cost service is increasing. Last year in March, the service was upgraded to 25Mbps from 15Mbps.The company in 2019 opened up the program to all low-pay families—additionally, Comcast partners with trusted community associations to offer digital-skills training.As part of the program, it also offers customers to get low-cost computers.

Comcast began Internet Essentials in 2011 to help impoverished kids who got reduced-price or free lunches at school to receive internet access at home. The program has been adjusted multiple times to extend the qualification requirements to add low-income veterans and individuals receiving public housing benefits.

Comcast’s initial response to the pandemic was part of a major effort among more than 700 broadband and wireless providers such as Verizon and AT&T. These suppliers all voluntarily logged on to the keep Americans Connected pledge of Federal Communications Commission. Being the part of this pledge, wireless and broadband companies vowed not to charge late expenses or disconnect service users who can’t pay their bills.To June 30, the pledge from these companies then extended.

Around then, Comcastadditionally expanded its proposal of free Internet Essentials to qualifying family units through the June’s end. Though in June, the free service offer ended, Comcast stated that its stayed dedicated to aiding low-income families during the pandemic stay on the web, with the hope for in the end eliminating the digital divide.