Snapchat reminding users to clean out friends-list

Snapchat reminding users to clean out friends-list

From ‘engagement’ numbers to ‘friends’ numbers, Social networking platforms haveconsistently been a numbers game. At times, the last is used as bragging right, showing how many friends and followers you have gathered. Some cases are virtually not possible for you to really know those personally, and, at times, those can even be liabilities. Snapchat, once famous for its solid protection features, is rolling out a feature to remind users so that they could keep their friends’ lists regularly under control.

Snapchat is now presenting a new feature it’s named Friend Check Up. On Snap, if someone is your friend, he/she could access your story and even perhaps your location; according to your Snap Map settings, hence Snap needs to ensure that each person on your friend list is still somebody you really need to call your friend.

This feature, Friend Check Up could asset making the platform secure for users when they select to use it.

It could be a great way to help users you may still have someone friended that you would prefer not to see your posts. Moreover, we know there’ve been a lot of times when we’ve looked at a follower or friend, and we actually don’t know who the person is.

The Friend Check Up feature is part of a push from Snap to make a friendlier place in Snapchat, including adding integrations, the Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ youths, and new resources and MindUP so that parents could understand and support their kids.Snap states that in the coming weeks, the feature will be rolling out worldwide on Android, and in the coming months, it’ll come to iOS devices.

The reminder will appear as a warning on your profile screen. In case you’d prefer to do a checkup yourself before the feature comes, you can see your friends list by opening your profile, then tap on My Friends. Then, tap and hold the name of friends you want then eliminate until the Block / Remove friend menu appears.